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FIRST LOOK: Gibson Dusk Tiger guitar

We put the Dusk Tiger through its paces
We put the Dusk Tiger through its paces

Regular users of MusicRadar should be feline pretty familiar with Gibson's Dusk Tiger by now. We brought you sneak preview pictures, a gallery of press shots and, complete with genuine Bengal tiger, the promo video. Then when it arrived a few days ago we unboxed it before your very eyes.

That's all lovely, but what does the damn thing actually sound like? Myriad options for digital tweakery make the answer to that question somewhat open-ended, but it does come loaded with preset tones based on some heavy-hitters from Gibson's back catalogue and some twangy Fender-style and piezo sounds too.

This First Look video keeps things simple. The signal chain is as follows: Gibson Dusk Tiger - guitar cable - Marshall Class 5 combo - Shure SM57.

Keep an eye on MusicRadar for the next instalment in which we investigate the potential of the Chameleon Tone-Editing Software and Robot Interface Pack, but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy while we join the Dusk Tiger and prowl through the analogue jungle…

More Dusk Tiger videos live here, on the official Gibson website.


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