Best of YouTube: Glastonbury special!

Glastonbury youtube special!

Glastonbury youtube special!

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

This week, MusicRadar serves up a BOYT special featuring only artists who are playing - or have played - the Glastonbury festival.

So it's just like being there without the mud, rain, bad drugs and the breakfast-in-a-box.

Don't forget to check out MusicRadar's Glastonbury 2009 coverage over the weekend.

Bruce Springsteen goes busking

'Broooce' is bossing Glastonbury 2009 this Saturday. His jean pockets are crammed with hits, of course, but he can still mix stuff up. Here's Springsteen busking The River (lo-fi quality) in Copenhagen in 2007. The other guitarist is 'just' a local Danish busker getting the gig of his life. MusicRadar trusts The Boss stuffed $100 in his sidekick's shocking trousers. Michael Leonard

Radiohead - No Surprises (Glastonbury 2003)

I'm still awaiting Radiohead's return to the Glastonbury Festival. The interim since their last appearance (2003) has seen a stunning new album, drum corps collaborations, New Year's webcasts and a whole lot of touring - but still no Glasto. I think we need a public petition: am I the only one who wants to hear the sounds of Videotape soaking the Somerset air on the Sunday night? It'll happen one day. But until then - here's No Surprises from last time. Chris Wickett

Jay-Z - Wonderwall/99 Problems (Glastonbury 2008)

For this journo, Glastonbury is rarely about the music. The sound, the wind, the mud, the distractions, the sheer bloody size of it… all these variables add up to my favourite band simply not being able to give their best performance ever. There are, of course, exceptions to this 'rule' (normally courtesy of the ace John Peel Stage) but rather than a brilliant set, instead I'm always looking for a moment in time that could only have happened at Glastonbury.

To whit - Jay-Z. The anti-Noel. The anti-hippie. The anti-everything that annoys me about Glastonbury. The thing that got people talking about Glastonbury again. And he just owned it. 12 months later, we have some good acts, some great acts and some, well, old acts. We don't have a Jay-Z - or will this vacuum mean we will by the end of Sunday night? Keep watching. Mike Goldsmith

Queens Of The Stone Age feat. Dave Grohl - Avon (Glastonbury 2002)

How was I to know that the year I wasn't there, one of the most fearsome beat combos on the planet would obliterate the opposition with my favourite drummer of all time beating seven shades out of the kit? This is so I awesome that I want to cry. Porter was there. Bastard. Chris Vinnicombe

The La's - There She Goes (Glastonbury 2005)

How many of us wish they could write a song so simple and yet so memorable? That's the beauty of this fabulous little ditty made famous by Liverpool's The La's. Structurally, the tune is as bare-bones as it gets: a chorus repeated four or five times and a bridge so brief that you might just miss it. The whole thing floats by like a daydream. And just take a look at the crowd - they're in a state of shared bliss. Joe Bosso

Quintessence - Freedom (1971)

Back when 'progressive rock' was Glastonbury's middle name. The 1971 festival witnessed the first incarnation of the Pyramid Stage, and played host to David Bowie. Peace. Tom Porter

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