Great new drum kits you need to try in 2022

Drum kits you need to try in 2022
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GEAR EXPO 2022: A new kit can mean different things to different players, but whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime investment in your dream kit, or a more practical purchase to solve problems such as portability or noise levels, there's something for everyone.

2022 has only just begun, but it's already shaping up nicely with some great additions in all three of the categories we mentioned above. Here are three must-try kits for different players this year.

Tama STAR Factory Vault - STAR Mahogany with Tineo Outer Ply

Tama STAR Factory Vault

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If you thought that Tama's flagship STAR line of drums couldn't get any more 'boutique' then think again. For 2022, it has introduced the Star Factory Vault, which promises "a truly rare and exceptional drum experience for the discriminating drum enthusiast". 

STAR Factory Reserve kits will offer the highest quality, hand selected woods, and most meticulous attention to detail using time-tested, lengthy construction processes by Tama's greatest drum builders. Each kit will also be available in very limited quantities.

Kicking things off, is the gorgeous STAR Factory Vault Mahogany with Tineo Outer Ply  kit featuring thin 6mm/8-ply (with 6mm reinforcement rings) mahogany shells, finished with an outer ply of Tineo brought straight from the Andes mountains.

It's offered as a five-piece shell pack including 22"x16" Bass Drum, 10"x7" and 12"x8" rack toms, plus 14"x14" and 16"x16" floor toms. The finish is called Caramel Tineo Burst, and a matching 14"x6.5" snare is available, but not included.


Natal DNA Stealth

At the tail end of 2021, Natal released the DNA Stealth - a concept so simple and obvious, it’s surprising that it hasn’t been done before. Essentially a regular acoustic kit, the Stealth DNA is fitted with mesh heads straight out of the box, meaning that it’s instantly a quiet kit for home practice.

It comes with a set of perforated practice cymbals which are also low-volume, and also includes all of the hardware you need to start playing as soon as you get it home - even down to the drum sticks.

As well as the obvious saving in volume, we can see this being popular with those wanting to convert it to an electronic kit using triggers, and of course, you can fit regular drum heads too if you need to play it loud. Natal has also made the snare available separately if you’re looking for a more ‘drum-like’ alternative to a practice pad. 


Tama Club-JAM Pancake

Small kits are big news, and Tama is continuing its scaled-down offerings for 2022 with the introduction of the Club-JAM Pancake. It joins the rest of the Club-JAM series as the lightest and most portable kit in the range. 

With a 12”x4” snare, single-headed 10x3.5” and 13x3.5” rack and floor toms, and an 18”x4” bass drum, the whole kit can be packed into a single bag for transporting, making it an excellent solution for busking and smaller gigs.

The Tama Club-Jam Pancake is available in two finishes: Hairline Black and Champagne Mist, both with vintage-inspired wood hoops on the bass drum. The custom bag is available separately.

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