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Get ready to take the Sample Challenge!

With electronic musicians the world over living under some form lockdown in recent weeks, we thought it the perfect time to task them with something a little different – the Sample Challenge. 

We gave musicians from across a range of electronic genres the same, very basic, sample pack - along with a strict set of rules - and asked them to create us a track.

The results did not disappoint - armed with just 10 loops and 20 one-shot samples, our entrants have crafted everything from wonky vocal pop to rolling techno, melodic house, experimental D&B and beyond. 

We asked each artist to create us a self-recorded video breaking down the ideas and techniques behind their creation, and we’ll be premiering a new entry every day over the coming weeks.

What's more, we're giving you the chance to take the Sample Challenge, too: the samples will be available alongside the first video tomorrow, along with those aforementioned rules and details of what to do with your track when it's finished.

We'll see you then...

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