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You only have 48 hours left to grab a free acoustic guitar with a one-year Guitar Tricks subscription

You only have 48 hours left to grab a free acoustic guitar with a one-year Guitar Tricks subscription
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With so much information available online - plus loads of content of questionable quality and accuracy - it can be difficult knowing where to start when it come to learning a new instrument. For guitarists, we'd recommend reading our guide to the best online guitar lessons to find the right platform for you. Our guide includes Guitar Tricks, who are currently offering the deal of the year to beginners. Sign up for an annual subscription right now and they’ll throw in 4 free gifts, plus a FREE acoustic guitar! The bundle would usually cost you $579, but for the next 48 hours it’s only $129.

The beginner-friendly Huntington nylon-stringed classical guitar offers beginners a comfortable instrument on which to strum their first chords and play their first songs. What’s more Guitar Tricks plays host to some excellent beginner lessons, so for $129 you’ll have everything you need to get started. 

The other free gifts include Song Builder’s Toolbox and Chord Theory Magic For Guitar packs, plus Rock and Blues jam track bundles featuring 60 ace backing tracks. These alone would usually set you back $196.

Guitar Tricks isn’t just for beginners. For more experienced players, the site offers advanced video content covering Artist Studies, technique lessons, advanced songs and a lot more.

If you’re not entirely happy with your membership, the Guitar Tricks 60-day guarantee means you will receive a full refund if you let GT know within 60 days. But they won’t come knocking on your door demanding you return the guitar - you can keep a hold of that and continue your playing journey. Yep, you read that right.

Guitar Tricks deal: Huntington guitar

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Existing monthly subscribers can still purchase this deal too. Guitar Tricks will simply switch your account over to the discounted annual plan.

This deal runs until the end of Tuesday May 18 and the free guitar offer is available while stocks last. Guitars have run out on this deal in the past, so we'd recommend you jump on it straight away.

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