Free plugin alert! Give your tracks 24k magic with Black Rooster's RO-GOLD plate reverb

Black Rooster RO-GOLD
(Image credit: Black Rooster)

Get it while it's molten… You can now grab yourself Black Rooster Audio’s RO-GOLD vintage reverb plugin for free.

Available for both macOS and Windows (a welcome rarity in the world of the freebie) Black Rooster's RO-GOLD is an accurately modelled recreation of the classic EMT 140 featuring the same pre-delay and dry/wet controls but simplifying the original’s Input Filter to a Bass Cut control and the Reverberation Time to a plate Damper control.

What makes the RO-GOLD extra special is that it’s all set to sprinkle 24k magic on your tracks by virtue of the solid gold plate hidden inside. Yes, while all other plate reverbs have to do with plain old steel, RO-GOLD has a golden touch all thanks to the gold plate that’s physically modelled inside.

RO-GOLD is essentially a cut down (but not less fabulous sounding) version of Black Rooster's popular RO-140 Vintage Plate Reverb, a more fully-featured EMT 140 recreation that goes the extra mile over the original hardware by featuring a dial to allow producers to choose the metal that the reverb’s plate is made out of, giving the unit six distinct voices to play with.

Black Rooster RO-GOLD

(Image credit: Black Rooster)

The RO-140 – through the magical world of physical modelling, and a feature otherwise next to impossible to create in the real world – allows you to choose plates made from the standard steel, through bronze, silver, aluminium, titanium to – yes – even gold.

The new free RO-GOLD features just the gold plate and as such now acts as your free gateway drug to the more fully featured (excellently priced) RO-140 (currently yours for just £31.95 direct from Black Rooster).

Give your drum and vocal tracks a golden touch and download the RO-GOLD for free from the Black Rooster website. Where you'll also find the fully-featured RO-140 (including a 14-day free trial).

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