Wembley Music Centre to host Paiste seminar

Paiste cymbals galore!
Paiste cymbals galore!

Paiste will present a feast of cymbals in London, England later this month.

Wembley Music Centre will host a free Paiste Cymbal Seminar on 12 November.

Russ Gleason, Paiste's UK Product Manager, will give an exclusive insight into how cymbals are developed and manufactured.


And that's not all, the seminar will also cover Paiste's illustrious history and ever aspect of the cymbal making process. Plus, the company's UK Artist Relations Manager Martin Potts will give an insight into his world and how endorsements work.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also demos from Wes Johnson and a chance for you to get up close and personal with Paiste gear.

The event kicks off at 7PM and runs until 8:30PM. For more details head to www.wembleymusiccentre.com.

Rich Chamberlain

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