VIDEO: Take a guided tour of Craig Blundell's hybrid kit

Craig Blundell is currently touring the UK as part of the Roland Hybrid tour - in association with Rhythm, Premier and Paiste - to demonstrate how adding electronics to your acoustic kit can drastically expand your horizons as a drummer.

There are still a handful of dates left on the Hybrid tour and it comes highly recommended. We've not seen a clinic like it in some time now and it's truly an opportunity to learn some new, real-world relevant tricks. If you own an acoustic kit and have access to an electronic drum module and pads then you're well on your way to going Hybrid!

In this video Craig takes a break from sound check at the Absolute Music clinic date to talk you through his own monster hybrid rig.

For details on the remaining Hybrid dates click here.

For more on building your own hybrid set-up look out for a column starting soon in Rhythm.