NAMM 2017: Yamaha's Rydeen, God of Thunder and limited golden anniversary kits

NAMM 2017: Yamaha is celebrating 50 years in the drum business with a very exclusive anniversary kit and the reintroduction of its much-loved entry level collection, inspired by Rydeen, God of Thunder.

Yamaha Rydeen Series press release: Yamaha are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Rydeen series drum set designed to offer unprecedented quality and packed full of features for the aspiring drummer.

50 years' experience of Professional Quality Drum Making Experience packed into the new Rydeen Series that delivers outstanding cost performance and value for money.

The design concept was to create an entry level drum set that retained Yamaha's renowned durability and capability at its heart. This has been achieved with perfectly round 6 ply Poplar shells, fitted with quality metal parts including a pair of Yamaha's original Ball Camp Tom Holders which offer maximum freedom when setting up the drums and the ultimate stability when playing them.

Furthermore, this dual 22.2mm Tom holder system allows for a wide range of set up possibilities while incorporating additional Yamaha hardware accessories to create a configuration that's perfect for you. (As demonstrated in the official supplied image).

The Drum Set features a variety of 6 durable solid and glitter finishes that are sure to stand out on stage with vibrant and stylish looks. This include Black Glitter, Silver Glitter, Burgundy Glitter, Fine Blue, Hot Red and Mellow Yellow.

The Drum Set is available in two different 5 piece configurations to suit a wide range of users and their musical tastes. That includes a 22 inch Bass Drum, 10 & 12 inch Toms, 16 inch Floor tom with a matching 14 inch Snare Drum and the smaller 20 inch Bass Drum, 10 & 12 inch Toms, 14 inch Floor tom again with a matching 14 inch Snare Drum.

Accompanying the Rydeen series drums is a set of genuine Yamaha HW680W Hardware set. Durability and flexibility make Yamaha Hardware second-to-none for touring professionals in every corner of the globe. Yamaha 600 series Hardware features double braced legs which deliver tough performance while remaining light weight, Locking resin cymbal tilters with extra-large felts, a professional grade Hi Hat clutch and chain drive bass drum pedals.

Features and Specification

  • 6 Ply (7.2mm) Poplar Shells With Small Lug
  • Yamaha's Professional Series Tom Holders
  • Set up customisation with Yamaha hardware accessories.
  • Genuine Yamaha Double Braced Hardware Set
  • Including Two Boom Cymbal Stands.
  • Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal
  • Tough and Durable Steel Bass Drum Hoop with Matching Colour Inlay.
  • Steel 1.5mm Triple Flange Drum Hoops
  • Upgraded Bass Drum legs, Floor Tom Brackets and Snare Throw off.
  • 6 Stylish and Hardwearing Finishes
  • 2 Shell Set Configurations
  • Bass Drum heads with Ring Mute

Yamaha 50th Anniversary press release:

For 50 years, Yamaha drums have garnered high acclaim from the world's top drummers ever since the company's first drums were created in 1967. Unsurpassed in sound and quality, they continue to receive praise and admiration throughout the drum industry to this day.

Yamaha has always approached the art of instrument making with respect to the instrument's origins. The company set out to manufacture its first acoustic drums with great courage, drawing upon some of the best facets of Japanese culture: an industrious work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, advanced technologies, and focused passion and energy in making the very best sounding drums.

Innovations developed by Yamaha include the legendary Recording Custom, HEXRACK, ball-style tom mount that rotates 360 degrees, locking hi-hat clutch, and the YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System). Manufacturing advances pioneered by Yamaha include the use of high-gloss piano lacquer finishes and the Air-Seal System process with staggered diagonal seams, which contributes to perfectly round shells by using an inflatable bladder to exert uniform pressure on the inside of the handmade shells.

Not only was Yamaha the first drum company to pioneer innovative acoustic drums and hardware, but it also produced ground-breaking electronic percussion products that integrate seamlessly with its acoustic counterparts creating a new generation of hybrid products. Yamaha continues to innovate manufacturing processes developed over five decades and remains dedicated to designing and creating superior instruments for musicians around the world.

Yamaha Drums has marked its growth and evolution with several notable milestones:

  • 1967: Yamaha drums is born with the launch of D20 drumset utilizing the revolutionary Air-Seal System
  • 1972: Al Foster is the first signed drum artist
  • 1975: Industry-first hideaway boom stand introduction
  • 1976: Revolutionary System Drum and System Hardware concept launch
  • 1977: Introduces innovative tom ball mount - as well as YD9000, the precursor to Recording Custom
  • 1986: First electronic drum kit launch: Yamaha Electronic Percussion System
  • 1988: Super Rack System launch
  • 1989: Presents Rock Tour Custom drumset
  • 1991: Introduces Maple Custom and small-body lugs placed at the shell's nodal points
  • 1993: Unveils YESS mounting system, along with locking hi-hat clutch system
  • 1996: Launches Stage Custom series, redefining entry-level value
  • 1998: Absolute series debut
  • 1999: Unveils HipGig series, creating a working drummer's compact kit without sacrificing sound
  • 2002: Manufactures first 100 percent oak shells for Oak Custom series
  • 2003: Releases innovative Nouveau Lug, the precursor to the Hook Lug
  • 2008: Introduces the PHX series, the pinnacle of drum craftsmanship and sound
  • 2011: Launches 100 percent kapur Club Custom series
  • 2016: Redefines the iconic Recording Custom in collaboration with legendary artist Steve Gadd
  • 2017: Celebrates 50 years with limited-edition drumsets

"In some ways this 50th Anniversary landmark reminds us of how young we actually are compared to other companies in the Drum Industry" Gavin Thomas, Yamaha Drums Product Manager explains "and yet how influential we have been during this period in changing the modern drumset as we know it today. We have been a progressive forward thinking company creating some beautiful drums and I think that is why we are respected by our Customers, Artists and our Dealers who have shared this journey together with us. Here's to the next 50 years!"

Over the years, Yamaha has been associated with some of the most notable drummers in music history. Global artists in the Yamaha family roster include Tommy Aldridge, Carter Beauford, Matt Cameron, Will Champion, Anton Fig, Al Foster, Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi, Roy Haynes, Steve Jordan, Manu Katché, Larry Mullen Jr.and Dave Weckl.

To celebrate 50 years, Yamaha Drums are introducing two limited-edition drumsets to commemorate this special anniversary. These sets offer Absolute Hybrid Maple shells, each with its own striking finish: Birdseye maple in an amber sunburst finish and curly maple in an antique natural finish. Each limited-edition set is adorned with gold lugs and a special laser-cut 50th Anniversary badge.


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