NAMM 2011: Meinl launches Classic Custom Series cymbals

Meinl classic custom series cymbals

Meinl classic custom series cymbals

NAMM 2011: As well as the FX Pedal and a whole range of additions and extra models to existing cymbal ranges, Meinl has also introduced a brand new series called Classics Custom.

Here's the information from Meinl's official site…

By using a B10 bronze alloy that has a higher content of tin than the standard Classics Series cymbals, high-tech computerized manufacturing, and a brilliant finish the new Meinl Classics Custom cymbals deliver outstanding sound qualities with a stunning, modern look. They deliver rich, musical sounds for ambitious rock and heavy drummers.


B10 Bronze Alloy
High-tech computerized manufacturing
Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look


Excellent high-pitched stick definition with an aggressive, strong attack. Cutting, loud chick with a heavy feel. Available in a 14" model.

Fairly bright and warm stick response with a smooth crisp open hihat sound. Tight and pronounced chick sound. Balanced hats with a versatile range. Available in 14" and 15" models.


Explosive, solid attack and response. Strong, full-bodied crash with excellent projection. Available in 16", 18" and 20" models.

Full frequency range with a wide, full spread. Fairly smooth attack with a warm and shimmering fade. Universal crash for multipurpose application. Available in 14", 16", 17" and 18" models.


Same sound attributes as the medium version, yet with increased clarity and brilliance for more cut. Perfect Rock and Heavy ride cymbal. Available in 20" and 22" models.

Crisp, clean stick response with a balanced feel. Full and bright sound with a medium sustain and a defined, strong bell. A well rounded ride cymbal for multipurpose use.


Crisp, glassy sound with an immediate response and a short decay. Bright and cutting for fast accents. Available in 8", 10" and 12" models.


Exceptional smooth attack with a great swelling sound. Brash, clear, sizzling sound with a warm undertone. Available in 16" and 18" models.

Cymbals sets

The Classics Custom Matched Cymbal Set includes a 14" Medium Hihat, a 16" Medium Crash, a 20" Medium Ride and a free Professional Cymbal Case.


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