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NAMM 2011: Meinl FX Pedal features 10 drum and percussion sounds

Meinl fx pedal

Meinl fx pedal

NAMM 2011: Easily the cymbal and percussion giant's biggest release of the show, the Meinl FX Pedal features 10 sounds in a smart-looking oak and steel foot-controlled box. It looks incredibly simple and has the potential to really boost a drummer's or a percussionist's live set.

Here's the info from Meinl's product page

The Meinl FX Pedal features 10 different sound options that you can add to your beat. Cycle through the effects with a touch of the toe button. It's a whole percussion kit in a box! Plug in and groove…


Microprocessor controls
10 different sound options
Sound select button
Stereo/Mono output
Made in Germany by Shadow

Meinl fx pedal back

Meinl fx pedal back


Oak (Quercus (robur) pedunculata) and steel box


0 - Kick Bass
1 - Cyber Kick
2 - Tribal Bass
3 - Straight Tambourine
4 - Double Tambourine
5 - Clave
6 - Hand Clap
7 - Dry Cowbell
8 - Straight Cabasa
9 - Double Cabasa


Velcro with spikes
International power converter