Musikmesse 08: Tama reveals the 'small but loud' Metro-Jam kit

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The Metro Jam on display in the Tama booth

The Metro-Jam on display in the Tama booth
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This kit has a Garnet Red Glitter finish

This kit has a Garnet Red Glitter finish

Tama´s booth at this year´s Musikmesse holds an array of sparkling kits and snare drums. In amongst the gleaming hardware we found a new addition to the Starclassic Performer B/B series: The Metro-Jam Kit.

Tama have labelled the Metro-Jam as “small but loud” and, with the bass drum measuring in with a mere 14” diameter, it´s easy to see why. The compact size means you could even fit a snare drum head to the kick if you fancied it!

The “loud” part comes down to the bubinga/birch shells synonymous with the Starclassic series. The use of a Sonic4orce front head, which has four ½” holes drilled into the middle, adds to the punch. The kick also features a specially designed lifter, which lifts the drum so the beater can strike the centre of the head.

Here´s the full configuration…

A 12”x14” bass drum with lifter, a 6.5”x10” tom tom and a 10”x13” tom tom. Snare drum and pedal will be sold separately. Visit Tama Drum´s for sound clips of the Metro-Jam in action.