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Metropolitan Drum Cocktail Kits

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Shaken, stirred...anything goes

Shaken, stirred...anything goes

Metropolitan Drums Trickster cocktail drum set

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Sorry, model not included

Sorry, model not included

Metropolitan Drums Clubster cocktail drum set

After pounding it all day, isn't it nice to sit back and pour yourself some cool grooves? In which case the Metropolitan Drum Company's new line of cocktail drums is for you.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A., the Metropolitan Drum Company is the only drum company which focuses exclusively on cocktail drums. Aimed at drummers who are looking for the ultimate in portable, professional-grade cocktail kits with sound that rivals traditional sit-down drums, these sets are a set apart.

Designed around a 14 x 24-inch main drum, featuring Keller Shells, heavy-duty hardware, and premium crushed-glass glitter finishes, Metropolitan Cocktail Drums are rapidily becoming the standard against which all others are judged.

First up we have The Clubster, a straight up 14 x 24 maple shelled beauty. This rockabilly favorite features a full snare mechanism under the top head, ported kick side, internal baffling to reduce cross triggering, and twin accessory mounts. U.S. list price: $599.00.

Then there's The Hipster, Metropolitan's most popular model, featuring a 14 x 24 main drum, 10 x 5 chrome metal snare, 8 x 6 rack tom, twin accessory mounts, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and three 10.5mm legs to offer outstanding stability. U.S. list price: $799.00.

Last but not least is The Trickster, the top-shelf cocktail, featuring a 14 x 24 main drum, 10 x 5 chrome steel snare, 8 x 6 hi-rack tom and 8 x 12 hanging floor tom, twin accessory mounts, and four 10.5mm legs positioned at 90 degree angles to offer the maximum in stability. U.S. list price: $ 999.00

These drums are truly the most modern versions of the classic cocktails of yesterday with modern updates to make them playable in any musical situation, from jazz to rock. Says Matthew Belyea, owner of Metropolitan Drum Company: "It's great to see drummers of all ages come into our booth at consumer shows and play the kits. As soon as they start playing, big smiles break out on their faces. You just cannot deny it, these kits are a blast to play"

Headquartered in Arlington, MA, Metropolitan Drums can be purchased online at metrodrum.