Free drum video lessons at Drum Expo 2014

Thanks to Drumeo, at Drum Expo 2014 you'll find a Stanton Moore video lesson
Thanks to Drumeo, at Drum Expo 2014 you'll find a Stanton Moore video lesson (Image credit: Paul R. Giunta/Corbis)

Drum Expo 2014 goes live in less than two weeks and it's shaping up to be our most exciting show yet. Behind the scenes we've been busy with Rhythm magazine grilling world class drummers about their playing styles, gear, heroes and inspirations, and just how they've honed their skills so that you can too.

We'll be unveiling our official artist line-up next week, so stay tuned for more on the great names you'll come across. In the meantime, we're thrilled to announce that tuition site has joined Drum Expo 2014.

Voted the "Best Drum Educational Website" for 2014 by the readers of DRUM! Magazine, Drumeo offers an online educational program with daily live lessons, on-demand video courses, play-along songs, student reviews and lesson plans, plus an interactive community of students and instructors from around the world.

Alongside expert video lessons from best-selling drum magazine Rhythm, Drum Expo 2014 will feature a range of Drumeo video lessons to boost your technique in multiple areas. Expect to find free online drum video lessons such as 'building a drum solo', '10 must-know drum fills', 'the moeller method', '20-minute pad workout for beginners', 'creativity with drum sounds', 'Jeff Porcaro licks and grooves', and much more.

Among lots of other cool content Rhythm have also filmed an exclusive video lesson with Architects drummer Dan Searle especially for the show - the massively talented drummer is ready to walk you through his three favourite rudiments and how to play them.

More Drum Expo 2014 news will follow soon, and for further information on Drumeo please check out their official website.