Create your own portable drum kit with Korg Cliphit

2014 seems to be the year for coming up with alternative ways of creating a drum kit. First we had Aerodrums, which enables you to create beats just by waving your arms about, and then DrumsAnywhere promised to turn any surface into a drum kit.

Now, along comes Korg with Cliphit. This comes with three clips that can be attached to items of your choosing so that they can be hit and used to trigger drum sounds, plus a footswitch for the kick and the option to add a second one to control the hi-hat.

All of these triggers are plugged into the main Cliphit unit, which can also make sounds if you strike it. The device features a 2-watt, 3-inch speaker and offers 11 kits for you to play; these cover both hand percussion and sound effects.

There's also an Aux in jack so that you can plug in and jam along with your audio player, a headphones jack and a battery power option.

The Cliphit is undoubtedly a 'fun' product first and foremost - the fact that it includes dog and cat sounds confirm as much - but it might also be a useful little practice and performance tool for drummers.

The Cliphit will retail for £120 when it's released in October - you can find out more on the Korg website.

Ben Rogerson

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