DrumsAnywhere turns any surface into a drum kit

First we had the Aerodrums, which allow you to play the drums simply by swiping your hands through thin air, and now comes DrumsAnywhere, a new PC software-based system that can turn any surface into a drum kit.

Setting up is said to be simple: just connect a mic to your surface (a piezo model is recommended), mark out where you want each kit piece to go, and then tap a few times to indicate positions. Then, thanks to the DrumsAnywhere software, you should have a low-latency electronic drum kit ready to go.

The system is said to be velocity sensitive, and a variety of kits come supplied (acoustic, rock, jazz, epic, TR-808, classical, dubstep and Latin). There's a MIDI output, so you can use DrumsAnywhere with your DAW.

You can find out more on the DrumsAnywhere website, where you can also download a demo for Windows 7/8. Two versions are available to buy: DrumsAnywhere Lite comes with four drum pads and three sound libraries and costs $49.99; DrumsAnywhere Pro comes with eight drum pads and nine sound libraries (plus the option to use your own samples) and costs $89.99.

Ben Rogerson

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