Chad Smith's surprise drum lesson

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Chad Smith at the ACM see him after class click the image for more photos

Chad Smith at the ACM: see him after class (click the image for more photos).

Chad Smith at ACM

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Chad Smith at ACM

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Chad Smith at ACM

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Chad Smith at ACM

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Chad Smith at ACM

You might know Chad Smith as the drummer with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot, but he turned his hand to teaching this week when he paid an impromptu visit to the Academy of Contemporary Music and gave a surprise drumming lesson.

Drum diploma class students were treated to the spectacle of Chad conducting an ad lib masterclass on shuffle drumming patterns. He also took questions from students and discussed the influence of his various heroes, including John Bonham and Earl Palmer.

Smith went on to visit several other Academy classes and spent time signing instruments and memorabilia.

Discussing his ACM experience, Chad said: "This school is really something special, because there's not a lot of these kind of environments... this is your chance and you're here because you love music and to get better at your craft."