Balinese Gamelan sampled for Kontakt

The Balinese Gamelan try fitting one of these in your spare bedroom
The Balinese Gamelan: try fitting one of these in your spare bedroom.

We´re betting that most people haven´t even heard of the Balinese Gamelan - it´s an ensemble of 25 instruments - but that hasn´t deterred Soniccouture from releasing a 24-bit/96kHz sampled version for Native Instruments Kontakt (versions 2 and 3).

Tipping the scales at 24GB, this is a mammoth collection that features over 4000 samples and up to 20 velocity layers. It ships in a metal box on three DVDs and comes with a full-colour 24-page booklet.

Soniccouture assures us that all the instruments in the ensemble were sampled in great detail. You get both single and paired versions in the Kontakt library, to aid realism.

At $499/£299 the Balinese Gamelan isn´t cheap, but then to our knowledge, there´s nothing else like it on the market (the project seems to have been something of a labour of love for those involved). You can buy it and find out more at the Soniccouture website.