Alesis launches Nitro kit

Alesis has unveiled the Nitro - an e-kit that it says doesn't skimp on features but comes in at under £300.

The kit features four dynamic rubber pads, including an eight-inch dual-zone snare pad. The module packs 40 ready to play kits as well as 385 sounds and 60 pre-loaded playalong tracks. So, there's plenty for you to be getting on with. Just in case you needed more, there's also USB/MIDI and CD/MP3 connectivity.

Three 10" cymbals - ride, hats and a choke-able crash - are all also included. As is a bass drum pad and pedal.

"Alesis is well-known for its responsive, realistic-sounding electronic drum kits," said Tim Root, Global Percussion Product Manager for Alesis. "But our new Nitro kit really has me excited. It sounds great, it feels great to play and it has every feature you could want. Younger drummers on a tight budget are going to absolutely eat this up."

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Rich Chamberlain

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