Dave Grohl plays a white Gibson DG-335 custom signature guitar as Foo Fighters debut new song Nothing At All

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters
(Image credit: Foo Fighters)

The Foo Fighters are officially back, and are armed with strong new songs that got their first chance to shine in a live setting during last night's (21 May) Preparing Music For Concerts livestream.

In addition to officially revealing Josh Freese as their live drummer, the band gave fans the chance to hear brand new song Nothing At All for the first time, alongside recent singles Resecued and Under You

The live stream was broadcast in black and white but Dave Grohl played what looked to be a white Gibson DG-335 signature model. We'll add that to the list of finishes we'd like to see if Gibson ever gets the wheels turning on core and Epiphone versions of the model.  The good news is interim CEO Cesar Gueikian seems open to it

Fellow Foos Pat Smear and Chris Shiflett clearly got the memo on B&W-friendly finishes with their SG, Gretsch White Falcon and Les Paul Custom too. 

A band that coordinates their guitars together, stays together.

The Foo Fighters will release new album But Here We Are on 2 June. 

Rob Laing
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