Add authentic analogue dirt to your tracks - plus, enjoy not one but two free plugins!

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Our job in Computer Music issue 311 is to help your squeaky clean 21st century in-the-box music sound like it was forged in a 20th century studio laden with the most expensive gear you can find – from the comfort of your PC/Mac.

Not only do we explain the basics of how it all works, but we also give you the modern tools of the trade with our recommendations for the best plugins to do the job.


Our partner developers really pulled out the stops this issue with two free plugins for readers to delve into. The first, Flux Mini 2 CM is an enhanced version of their longstanding CM Suite multimode filter and amplitude plugin; the second, similarly, is an updated version of the CM Suite stablemate Kirnu Cream which promises to “turn the mundane into something interesting” in a glorious concoction of arpeggios and patterns.

Further to that you get a selection of free samples themed around our issue-wide celebration of all things filthy.


Elsewhere this month we took a trip to the flicks, exploring just how to create the bombastic sounds that accompany today’s most epic cinema releases. And our regular columnists have each taken a unique approach to getting your low end into shape, with Dave Gale reproducing a commercial best-selling technique and Ashley Thorpe continuing his exploration of how to get the best from your audio interface.


There are few producers out there with the CV credentials of Mr William Orbit, with a roster of collaborators encompassing some of the biggest artists of our time. We hear some tantalising tales from the frontline of the prestige production world, plus hear more about his latest tips and tricks.

And there’s no slacking on the gear review front, with a look at Arturia’s latest round of emulations and Cherry Audio’s take on a Korg classic.

So with two free plugins, countless samples and your guide to the most inexpensively authentic analogue you can get without breaking into Abbey Road, September CM is the mag for you.

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