CableGuys' only sale of the year is here and you can save 60% on ShaperBox 2 bundle this Black Friday

CableGuys ShaperBox 2 bundle
(Image credit: CableGuys)

Black Friday plugin deals: CableGuys has announced its only sale of the year with the ShaperBox 2 bundle dropping by 60% and the FilterShaper Core 2 plugin slashed in half.

With a price of just $89/€79 for six effects – TimeShaper 2, CrushShaper, VolumeShaper 6, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3 and WidthShaper 2, you'll be able to solve complex mix problems with musical, rhythmic effects.

ShaperBox 2 bundle | €194/$224 €79/$89 save 60% 

ShaperBox 2 bundle | €194/$224 €79/$89 save 60% 
Head over to the CableGuys website to pick up your copy of the ShaperBox 2 bundle and save big.

The CableGuys' flagship effects plugin has also recently received an update with many workflow-enhancing improvements and new features such as stereo filter offset, a one-slider Envelope/Compressor and LFO editing enhancements.

If you're not in the market for a full suite of mix-fixers, then check out FilterShaper Core 2 featuring Sallen-Key filters based on classic hardware designs and zero-delay feedback (ZDF) modes. 

FilterShaper Core 2 can create modulations patterns in no time with a drawable LFO and dynamic envelope follower on every band.

The best part though has to be that you can get all this at 50% off, now just $22.

FilterShaper Core 2 | €39/$44 €19/$22 save 50%

FilterShaper Core 2 | €39/$44 €19/$22 save 50%
Find out more on the CableGuys website on how you can get hold of this cracking plugin deal. 

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