British builder fits an iPad into a guitar

Daniel Wallis
(Image credit: Daniel Wallis)

Daniel Wallis has form for inspired custom electric guitar builds that make us smile – his Star Wars Millennium Falcon-shaped Rebel Bass and Aliens designs spring to mind. But his latest design it incorporates a full-size iPad into the guitar. 

"I designed it originally with the idea for being able to change visualisations onstage," says Daniel of his entry into the Great Guitar Build Off 2022 competition. "It was an excuse for me to try and build this as a prototype."

But the potential afforded by the iPad goes beyond visuals.

As Daniel notes, you can play along with video lessons and backing tracks via wi-fi. He's also open to building in an interface like an iRig into future custom builds for customers after this prototype, further widening the scope. 

 That's all great, but where are the pickups?

Daniel Wallis

(Image credit: Daniel Wallis)

"There's actually three and they're piezo pickups," says Daniel. "One is underneath the bridge, one is underneath the iPad, so built into the guitar body, and one is just under the neck.

"I like the idea of using this build as an excuse to try new things out," he adds. "One of which was this guitar has a big D-shaped neck and I enjoy it – it's different to what you'd normally expect."

The Brighton-based luthier also debuted a new headstock design that could become Devil & Sons' standard design going forwards.

The iPad can be removed from the body with a removable magnetic section of the body.  

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