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Devil & Sons commemorates 30 years of Aliens with terrifying Xenomorph II guitar

You may well have seen Devil & Sons' madcap creations before - be they pre-smashed yet playable guitars or electrics that pay homage to classic films - and the company's latest celebrates 30 years of the James Cameron classic, Aliens.

26 April marks Alien Day, the date a reference to planetoid LV-426, the site of the Alien and Aliens movies, and Devil & Sons' new guitar is called Xenomorph II - Xenomorph being the name of the Aliens themselves.

Sculpted using resin and milliput, the guitar features a hand-painted Xenomorph head along the top of the body, while the lower horn forms the bottom jaw and teeth, which allows the neck to protrude from the open mouth - even the headstock is hand-painted and sculpted to create an extended mouth, a la HR Giger.

You can see the staggering amount of work that went into making this custom instrument in the video below.

Spec-wise, you're looking at a Strat-style body with 24 frets, a 25.5" scale length and HSH pickup configuration.

If you'd like your own slice of Alien culture, the Xenomorph II is available now from Devil & Sons for £2,450.

Michael Astley-Brown

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