The Great Guitar Build Off 2020 for charity wants you to choose its winner

The Great Guitar Build Off 2020 is asking for guitar fans to vote and help choose the winning guitar builder for its charity competition.

The contest asked some of the most talented makers on YouTube to build electric guitars in a limited time frame and using the same base kit provided by the UK's Crimson Guitars. Now the public now has the opportunity to vote for their favourite build, and each guitar will be raffled off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting charities that the builders have chosen. 

The contest was free of rules so each builder could decide how to customise and complete their guitar. 

(Image credit: Tamar Hannah)

Now, each builder has been allowed one week of intense campaigning to their respective social media followers and YouTube subscribers, and voting is open on the contest website,

“The Great Guitar Build Off is going to be a dog fight—shop vs. shop and lots of techniques going head to head,” said Matt Flaherty of Texas Toast Guitars. “We’re going to see if these other guitar builders are the real deal. 

"Things might get a little heated on the Internet from time to time, but if you’re a real guitar builder, you share the same passion that we do. We build guitars because we love it.”

You can check out vlogs from some of the entrants below who have uploaded videos so far, Look out for updates on their channels as they unveil their finished entries.  

Ben Crowe, Master Luthier and CEO at Crimson Guitars, Dorset, UK

Tamar Hannah, Woodworker of 3x3 Custom, New Jersey

Derek Lenard, luthier and owner of Big D Guitars, Chicago

Matt Flaherty from Texas Toast Guitars, Colorado

Brad Angove of Angove Guitars, Canada 

Dan Thompson, Guns And Guitars YouTuber, Arizona 

Rob Laing
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