Best Yamaha P-45 deals March 2024: The place to find the biggest savings on one of the most popular digital pianos

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You don't need us to tell you that Yamaha is an industry leader in the world of pianos. The Japanese manufacturer dominates with high-spec digital pianos, show-stopping grand pianos, as well as an array of stage-ready instruments. Now, if you fancy taking your first steps into the wide world of Yamaha pianos, then your first port of call is most certainly the Yamaha P-45. This instrument may be the entry-level point into the vast Yamaha catalogue, but it most definitely lives up to the prestige of the rest of the range. 

For players just starting out on their piano journey, it's vital to opt for an instrument that gives you all the necessary features to learn, without hindering your progress. That means 88-notes, fully weighted keys, sustain pedal and high-quality sounds. Luckily, the P-45 ticks all of these boxes and does so without breaking the bank! 

So without further ado, let's get stuck into the best deals online today, as well as discuss why this is arguably one of the best digital pianos for beginners and professional performers alike.

The best Yamaha P-45 deals

Yamaha P-45 Stage Piano

An outstanding instrument for the budding pianist

Launch price: $499/£399/€385 | Piano type: Stage piano | Keys: 88 | Sounds: 10 | Effects: Yes | Speakers: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Power: PSU | Dimensions (mm): 1326 x 154 x 295 | Weight (kg): 11.5

Fantastic sounds
Authentic piano feel 

The affordable digital piano space is an incredibly crowded one, with many instruments vying for your attention. Now, while there are many quality budget digital pianos on the market, the leader of the pack has to be the Yamaha P-45.  

This insanely popular stage piano is designed to mimic the feel of an acoustic piano, utilising Yamaha's GHS action to bring a familiar feel to a compact and lightweight instrument. Yamaha has even gone as far as to recreate the graded feel of an acoustic piano by altering the weight of each key as you move from the bass side to the treble side. This results in a very satisfying playing experience no matter your current ability. 

As for sounds, Yamaha has decided to go with quality, not quantity. Coming loaded with ten voices, the P-45 has considerably less than other pianos on the market, which can see preset sounds go into the hundreds. Now, this is in no way a bad thing. Yamaha has cleverly included only the sounds players want, meaning there are no unwanted voices you simply won't use. As you'd expect, this piano comes with built-in speakers and despite their small size, the two 12cm drivers do a pretty good job of reproducing the low frequencies found on a piano and are more than loud enough for home practice. 

Need a piano on the go? Well, this Yamaha may be the perfect option. Weighing in at a mere 11.5kg, the P-45 is effortlessly moved from place to place, whether that's to piano lessons, jam sessions, or even gigs. 

Not sure if the P-45 is the piano for you? Well, check out our full Yamaha P-45 review to see exactly what we thought of this favoured digital stage piano. 

The best Yamaha P-45 deals: Alternatives

Like we said above, this price category is overflowing with options from a wide range of brands, but if you are looking for an upgraded version of the P-45, you may want to stick with Yamaha and opt for the

. This piano shares many of the same qualities as its little brother but includes extra voices - 24 instead of 10 - and has the ability to upgrade to a full piano pedalboard with the addition of the Yamaha LP-1. 

For those looking to step away from Yamaha, the

- or its newer counterpart the - is a very viable option, as this piano shares an almost identical price point and even several features with the P-45. That said, the Casio is considerably thinner and is ever so slightly lighter than the P-45, coming in at only 10.5 kg. So if portability is a significant consideration, then you may wish to go for the Casio. 

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