Is Behringer about to embark on recreating the ARP Quadra?

ARP Quadra
(Image credit: Behringer)

It looks like Behringer might be toying with the idea of recreating the ARP Quadra synth, if a recent Facebook post is anything to go by?

The Music Tribe company is no stranger to taking to social media to gauge interest in its up and coming projects. News of the recent Juno prototype has proved to be very popular.

With regards to the post on the ARP, we've not been treated to an actual prototype, sadly, but a rather whimsical comparison of the Quadra's overhanging keys to the orthodontically-challenged, Thermos-wielding Dwayne Dibley from Red Dwarf.

Behringer, being no stranger to remaking ARP synths, has already regaled us with the Odyssey, 2600 (including ultra-rare editions) and the 2500 series modules. So it's not impossible that it is interested in taking on the Quadra as a remake.

Judging by the comments, most followers would also welcome a clone of the four-section polysynth, although perhaps without the overhanging keys this time?

You can stay tuned for more Behringer synth news over on Facebook.

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