Behringer is bringing back the ultra-rare ARP 2600 Blue Marvin and Gray Meanie synth models

GEAR 2021: Behringer has announced that it will be releasing two new versions of the immensely popular ARP 2600 clone. The two new editions hark back to early rare versions of the iconic semi-modular synth.

The Blue Marvin and Gray Meanie models were early versions of the 2600 before ARP had settled on the final design that we're more accustomed to.

How they differ from Behringer's own first version of the 2600 is more than just a change in livery.

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Eagle-eyed Behringer fans may notice that both Marvin and Meanie are sporting single colour LEDs, which are also dimmable. A choice we're sure will prove popular.

Under the hood, some tweaks have been made. Most notably the addition of a spring reverb and new higher-grade componentry that promises to improve performance. As well as the dual filter, additional LFO, VCO syncs, and USB MIDI.

It is reported that stocks of Behringer's original 2600 clone are on backorder until March, but the Music Tribe company hopes to have these two new models shipping in February.

With the slightly higher price of $699 compared to $599 of the black and orange model, we'll have to wait and see if customers will find these features at the higher price worthy of cancelling their order to get hold of one sooner?

Check out the Behringer website for more info soon.

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