Gibson TV launches Epiphone Guitar Giveaway Of The Day

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These are unprecedented times, and the giveaways are coming thick and fast from the music industry. Now Epiphone is following suit with its new HomeMadeMusic show Epiphone Guitar Giveaway Of The Day.

It will air Monday - Friday at 3.oopm CT and for each episode Gibson Director of Brand Experience Mark Agnesi will pick a new Epiphone guitar and give it away, with no purchase necessary. You can also donate to charity to win a piece of Agnesi's rig.

“We wanted to create a show for GibsonTV that everyone could look forward to watching everyday while we’re all home” says Mark Agnesi. “I’m going to give away a brand-new Epiphone guitar every weekday to one lucky viewer and we are going to raise money for MusiCares through the rig I use. Hopefully, we’ll have some fun while we’re all coming together to fight this virus.”

Gibson's Mark Agnesi

Gibson's Mark Agnesi (Image credit: Jenn Angkahan)

Gibson has partnered with Marshall Amplification, Universal Audio, Fulltone, SoloDallas, R2R, Christian Benner and Dunlop & MXR Pedals, to create an eight-piece, high-value music rig (“Mark’s Music Rig”), with a combined value of over $13,000. 

Anyone who donate $50 to Gibson Gives will be given five entries. For each $50 increment donated, participants will receive a bonus five entries to win. 

Each donation is tax deductible and Gibson Gives (Gibson’s 501c3 Charitable Foundation) will donate 100% of all proceeds to the new MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund, supporting musicians in need.

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Mark Agnesi’s Music Rig features eight items:

1. One Marshall Origin 50 head and matching 4x12 cabinet(value $900)

2. A second Marshall Origin 50 heads and matching 4x12 cabinet (value $900)

3. One Universal Audio Ox Box (value $1299)

4. One Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (value $1699)

5. One SoloDallas Schaffer Replica EX Tower (value $1299)

6. One R2R Electric Amptop Rangemaster Clone (value $275)

7. One Christian Benner one-of-kind custom hand painted leather jacket (value $2000)

8. One Gibson Custom Shop limited edition pedalboard with all pedals provided by Dunlop/MXR (value $4500)

 The Gibson Gives charity will start accepting donations for Mark’s Music Rig contest on Monday, 6 April. The draw to select the eight winners of Mark’s Music Rig will take place on 30 April 30 at 3:00pm CT.

Best head over to Gibson TV when the time comes!  

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