Gibson's HomeMadeMusic campaign offers support to musicians

Gibson Flying V headstock
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Gibson TV has already proven to be hotbed of great guitar content but now the company is launching a new campaign to "spread hope, inspiration and joy" in a music community currently unable to tour or honest live events due to Coronavirus. 

“As world leaders in music, we are stepping in and bringing both legendary and new artists, music brands and industry partners together across the globe to launch ‘Gibson HomeMade’; a worldwide program to unite music lovers everywhere and spread hope through tough times,” says Cesar Gueikian, Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson.

(Image credit: Olly Curtis / Future)

That will translate to supporting Gibson, Epiphone and Kramer artists while they are off the road by offering performances and interviews to be promoted via the companies' Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Gibson TV channels.

“Tune in, sit down and enjoy a heaping course of Gibson Home Made Sounds!" says ZZ Top legend and Gibson player Billy Gibbons, "and feel free to join in to add your own flavour of sonic sauce and stay safe."

Gibson is also promoting the work of MusiCares (The Recording Academy). Gibson TV will be supporting the new MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund

The MusiCares fund offers financial assistance to musicians, production crews and music industry affiliated workers and creators. For more information and to donate to the MusiCares COVID-1 Relief Fund, visit: Here.

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