Andertons and Pedal Pawn team up for a collection of one-off Lego stompbox replicas in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Pedals
Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Fuzz Face (Image credit: Andertons / Raffall)

Andertons and Pedal Pawn have dug deep into their Lego collections for a specially designed series of unique guitar effects pedals which will be raffled in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

There are six in the series, each a total one-off, and each inspired by a pedalboard classic from across different eras of stompbox design. Pedal Pawn has put together the circuits and the enclosures, gluing the bricks together so that you can mount these on your 'board and step on them with full confidence.

First up, we have a Lego Rangemaster, modelled after the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster that became a key component in the rigs of Rory Gallagher, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore and Tony Iommi

Technically speaking, it’s not even a pedal, and more suited to sitting on the top of your guitar amp or a table. There is an on-off toggle switch (a modification from the original’s slider switch presumably because a slider would be impractical on a Lego chassis), a single boost knob and a quarter-inch input jack. 

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Pedals

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Rangemaster (Image credit: Andertons / Raffall)

When engaged, its germanium transistors get to work on those upper mids, and giving players plenty of sustain and juicy overdrive to work with.

Next up, from a similarly seminal era, there is the Lego Fuzz Face, which renders the ur-fuzz pedal in Danish Pete purple and features Andertons – England in the smiley face white strip of text. Volume and Fuzz dials as per the original layout.

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Pedals

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Octavia (Image credit: Andertons / Raffall)

They don’t get more classic than the Fuzz Face, but maybe you want some octave-up saturation for Purple Haze-style Hendrix tones, in which case the Lego Octavia, styled after the original Roger Mayer wedge enclosure version, might be more your speed. It mounts the footswitch on the top, with controls for Output and Fuzz on the front.

Completing a triumvirate of Lego fuzz pedals we have the Tone Bender, a dual-dial riff on the Sola Sound design (Lego Sound?), that might take up more pedalboard real estate than more contemporary units but has the sounds to justify it. 

We’re not too sure what version of Tone Bender circuit this deploys but you can click through and hear Danish Pete demo it.

Next up is one of the 21st-century’s Holy Grail pedals – prompting another wistful shake of the head when we consider the fact that Marshall hasn’t reissued it – the Bluesbreaker. Much loved of John Mayer et al, it is the low to mid-gain overdrive pedal for the connoisseur. 

And it looks very cool in Lego, like a villain from Gary Nelson’s 1979 sci-fi The Black Hole.

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Pedals

Andertons x Pedal Pawn Lego Tube Screamer (Image credit: Andertons / Raffall)

Finally, well, no replica pedal series could be complete without the most copied pedal of all time (probably), a Tube Screamer. Even in Lego, the sight of a little green stompbox promises juicy mids and lyrical drive that is begging to be put between a Fender Stratocaster and a Deluxe.

The Andertons x Pedal Pawn Teenage Cancer Trust Lego Pedal raffle is being hosted online at Raffall, where you can watch demos of each video and buy tickets – no maximum number – for £5. The raffle ends on Monday 7 November, at 10.45pm UK time (or when the last ticket is sold). 

See Andertons for a list of countries the pedals ship to. All proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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