"Ready for any scenario": AIAIAI launches lightweight and affordable XE version of its TMA-2 DJ headphones

(Image credit: AIAIAI)

We love AIAIAI studio headphones because they all look like the sonic equivalent of a Stealth Fighter. They're black, smooth, have no features and you're not even sure which model is which. Maybe that's the point, because the modular approach taken by the Danish company usually means everything is interchangeable or that you can create your own custom 'phones. But, well, you wouldn't want to have to guess which one is which if forced to (especially in a dark room).

These new TMA-2 DJ XE headphones aren't going to stand out in an AIAIAI line up either, but they are designed to be more flexible, mobile and versatile than other DJ headphones – indeed AIAI says that they are "ready for any scenario". 

The 40mm 'bio-cellulose' drivers have been designed to reduce distortion and deliver a clear sound in the loud environments that DJs often have to endure. The mobility claim seems to hold up too because they weigh just 168g.

The earpads have been designed with both comfort and isolation in mind, also a couple of godsends for DJing, and yes, they are modular, like so many AIAIAI headphones before them. This means components like the earpads, drivers and cables can be replaced or upgraded, offering a "solution that adapts to your creative process".


(Image credit: AIAIAI)

AIAIAI offers a lifetime trade-in for all of its headphones and their various modular parts. While this doesn't mean free upgrades and replacements for life – that would be silly – it does, according to AIAIAI, mean users "get maximum value from their purchase by swapping out used or non-functional headphones or parts for future credit. This means only investing in one pair of headphones for life."

"The process of making music today is more dynamic than ever," says Frederik Jørgensen, the founder of AIAIAI. "Creators demand to pursue inspiration wherever and whenever it strikes. Our XE line is designed for this".

The TMA-2 DJ XE phones cost around $140/£120 – a full $£60 less than the non-XE bigger sibling – and will be available from late August. Get more from AIAIAI here.

Andy Jones

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