NAMM 2007 Highlights: DigiTech

DigiTech have announced a number of new products for guitarists and vocalists. If you do both, the Vocalist Live 2 and Vocalist Live 4 vocal harmony and effects floor processors will make recreating the tricky operatic section from Bohemian Rhapsody a tad easier. The processors generate intelligent, multi-part vocal harmonies using the singer¹s voice. These harmonies automatically detect and change key, depending on the chords that are played on the guitar. The Vocalist Live 2 produces one or two part harmonies, while the Vocalist Live 4 can create one, two, three or four part harmonies, selectable to harmonize in unison or at a 3rd, 5th or octave above or below the lead vocal.

The company has also introduced a new rack processor, the GSP1101. Featuring the latest in modelling from DigiTech, the new 1U rack processor will include two AudioDNA2 super chips exclusively designed by DigiTech.

The GSP1101 will feature top-level control knobs such as Gain, Bass, Mid-range, Treble and Amp Level for quick, easy tone shaping as well as front panel guitar input and headphone output are for easy access.

Additional features include over 120 amp, cabinet, preamp and effects models including vintage stompboxes, 40 Tone and 40 Effects Libraries totalling 1600 exclusive DigiTech tone combinations, a large LCD screen, a stereo effects loop, global EQ and more.

UK RRP will be in the region of £449 and should be shipping by Summer 2007

To help keep thing in tune is the new XTC X-Series Chromatic Tuner. Featuring the world's only Blue-in-Tune technology, which displays a distinctive blue LED when proper tuning is achieved, this is the latest in DigiTech's X-Series of professional grade guitar and bass effects pedals.

Priced at a modest £69, the unit will ship in February 2007.

More from DigiTech here.

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