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In this month's issue, we've got an exclusive review of the impressive Korg Zero8 all-in-one controller, and we show you how to add MIDI to your Speak & Spell. We also find out the production secrets of the new LCD Soundsystem album, and speak to co-owner of DFA Tim Goldsworthy. The May issue is on sale now and is available from WH Smiths and all good newsagents. Here´s what else to look forward to…


The latest information and reviews on upcoming products, as well as other features such as Tech Angst. Babyhead drop in On Our Radar and and fill us in on their future plans in Babyboom town, and Andy Smith's The Document is our classic album of the month.


The mighty new Korg Zero8 shows us what how much it's made of this month, plus the Karma Audio K6 ribbon mic shows they are back in fashion. Is the D16 Drumazon today's answer to the 909? Find out here. And the MOTU 8Pre, with 8 high-quality mic preamps gets connected, along with a ton of other reviews.

So this is what we've got on test... Korg Zero8, Audio Damage Replicant, Yamaha MM6 Studio, LinPlug Alpha, USB XTreme FX UVI Soundcard, VSL Elements Vienna Instrument, Karma Audio K6 Ribbon Mic, Access Virus OS 2.0.2, AudioEase AltiVerb, Klein & Hummel 0 300D, PMC TB2S-A, Alesis IOI26, Presonus Faderport, MOTU 8Pre, D16 Drumazon... and the usual mini reviews and album reviews!!


James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem gives us the latest on the new album, as well as how he's modified his gear. Tim Goldsworthy gets chatting about remixing, DFA partner James Murphy and that legendary DFA sound. Both these interviews feature exclusive DVD footage.


JD73 gives you part three of his Production Masterclass this issue, helping you get to grips with the harmonic parts of your track.

This month's Studio Essentials focuses on keeping in touch with your creativity, without being bound by production clichés.

Steve Hillier brings us part two of his Distortion feature, and brings you insight into amp distortion, and Jono Buchanan unlocks the basics behind sampling.


We´ve got our regular Three Of The Best, plus platinum plug-ins, Ways To Stand Out, studio monitors and audio interfaces… Your organised chart featuring some of the best gear around!


Video James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy each give us their production secrets on film!

Samples Sound FX: LoFi-Punk-Disco samples available in multi-samples, construction kits and NI Kontakt kits. We also bring you NI Kontakt Rhodes and multi-sampled Stylophone.

JD73 also shows you how to get on with part three of his Masterclass, and we also have videos to accompany our Production Aesthetics, and Beginners Sampling features.

The ReacTable is back! This time we talk to the creators about this unbelievable controller.

Plus the reader demos, reviews and more!