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The brand new multi-touch JazzMutant Dexter controller gets a world-exclusive review. Synth syndicates Chromeo talk you through their gear, live setup and thei Fancy Footwork. Plus, Coburn give you tips and tricks in prodcution and remixing, with video to guide you through step-by-step. Issue 192 is available to buy now from WH Smith's and all good retailers on

Monday 3rd September

. Here's what else to expect...


The latest news and features on the most intuitive and exciting upcoming products. This month, the brand new Pacemaker professional portable DJ unit and the new Yamaha N-Series FireWire mixers get a fresh rundown before their upcoming reviews.

An Instinct for Detection

by Lionrock is our

Classic Album

of the month. And, bitcrushing Berliner,

Boys Noize

makes some noise

On Our Radar



The JazzMutant Dexter is one of the most exciting products of the year and we give you the exclusive rundown, including video of the unit in use on the DVD. The heavy-duty CME VX5 keyboard gets its intuitive features put to the test and we get lost in space with the new Boss Space Echo emulation pedal. Along with the new Mackie HR624mkII monitors, Alesis Control Pad, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Line 6 Pocket Pod and a host of software we cover everything you need to know in the current market.

Couple that with the usual mini reviews and album reviews and it can't be missed!


Coburn give you exclusive access to their studio and talk about producing Liberty X and making their acclaimed record

We Interrupt This Programme

. Mrk Ronson talks us through his introduction to production, DJing and learning how to play a Synclavier at the age of 12.

The French-Canadian duo Chromeo give us a tour of their studio, their live setup and talk about what it was like to re-capture such a unique sound. Along with that Peter Gleadell, producer of Madonna, George Michael and the Pet Shop Boys, talks us through his approach to producing, recording and

the hardware software issue.


In part five of our

Fame and Fortune

feature, we talk you through how manage yourself and make the most of the internet. We also show you how to get your groove on in Live, making the most of its intuitive features, and we have a special feature on how to polish up your vocal techniques in Cubase. The

Power Tips

series shows you how to make the most of reverb in Logic and guides you through the differences between convolution and synthesised reverbs.

The Cubase Tips, Logic Tips and Live mash-up features are all accompanied by video on the DVD.


We've got the brand new charts that can help you search the market for the best of the latest gear... this months charts include hardware synths, soft synths, microphones, audio interfaces, field recorders, Ebay classic retro finds, and many more...


This month's DVD includes a massive 4.4GB including the following...


We take a trek around the all-analogue ToeRag Studios, featured in this month's


, our best and most interesting to date. Coburn show us what's going on in


studio, whilst Chromeo take us through their live setup and all the gear that gives them their sound. Theres also an exclusive peek at the new Pacmaker Handheld DJ unit.

There's also 1000 copyright free B-Boy Electro samples made with genuine vintage gear, all exclusive to Future Music Readers.

As if that wasn't enough, we've included an exclusive video of the new JazzMutant Dexter in action!

Finally, there's the reader demos section, where we review everything we get sent! Pick up the mag for info on how to get your demo to us...