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Traditionally, mastering has always been seen as something of a dark art; a skill only understood by a select few, requiring copious amounts of experience and a studio packed with expensive equipment.

In recent years, however, things have begun to change. Thanks to the wide availability of powerful, high-quality mixing and mastering plug-ins, along with advances in monitoring, headphone and other home studio technologies, it's now easier than ever to achieve pro-quality masters at home. That said, mastering is still no walk in the park - there's no magic plug-in preset ready to instantly polish your tracks, and the process still requires no small amount of practice and expertise.

However, our Expert Guide To Mastering At Home is here to help. While we can't instantly make you a mastering engineer, we can guide you through the essential tools, techniques and knowledge needed to achieve professional-sounding results without the pro studio price tag.

Also in the new issue of FM, we're looking at the production techniques behind the retro revival sweeping the underground House scene. Check out The Future Of Retro House to learn how to emulate classic Chicago and Detroit House sounds, and pick up some ideas for taking the retro sound to the next level. As ever, we've audio to guide you through it all too. Check it all out in the July issue, alongside loads more great features, artist interviews and the latest gear reviews.

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The Expert Guide to Mastering at Home - We demystify the dark art of mastering and show you how to get pro-quality results entirely in the box

The Future Of Retro House - The tools and techniques behind the classic House sound, taken into the 21st century


In The Studio With Daniel Miller - The Mute Records boss invites us into the label's in-house recording facility, Studio Mute, to check out their envy-inducing range of vintage gear

Guti - Argentinian house producer Guti welcomes FM into his Barcelona studio and talks us through the making of his beautiful new album Rompecorazones

Classic Album - Kosheen main man Markee Substance recalls the making of the band's smash hit debut LP Resist


  • M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
  • Nord Lead A1 keys
  • Native Instruments Molekular
  • Korg Taktile 49 and 25
  • Presonus Sceptre S8
  • Toontrack Ezdrummer 2
  • AKG K812 headphones
  • And more...
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