Issue 208 of Future Music On Sale Today!

Get it while it´s (white) hot

It´s shameless plug time again. The latest Future Music is on sale today! Unless you´re smart enough to subscribe in which case you got it on Wednesday! Anyway! We digress!

It´s a cracking issue - the best in gear, the finest tutorials and some stunningly lengthy and thoroughly enjoyable encounters with music biggest movers. Many thanks to Dave Spoon for allowing us into his studio for the latest in our storming artist features. Likewise Simon Lord / Black Ghost / Lord Skywave, who´s eclectic studio gets the full FM boxes ‘n´ pointers treatment. And both talk through their tracks on video on the DVD. As per.

On the review front we´ve the best in hardware and software as the hardware supersynth Arturia Origin goes on the test bench and blows our ears clean off. This is closely backed up by the world´s first review of Spectrasonics Omnisphere softsynth - which successfully locates our blown-off ears and nukes them from orbit. And please check out our super-sized reviews of the new Steinberg hardware controller and interface and Cakewalk´s ever-mightier Sonar 8 for yet more aural amazement. All in all a historic month for gear.

Meanwhile in the tutorial zone we´ve got a belting guide to warping in Live - mash any audio to perfection - and the usual batch of Logic, Cubase tips in the mag and on video. Rounding off the set are guides to MIDI and the dark art of digital to analogue conversion.

Rounding off the package are a massive batch of Italo Disco inspired samples and arsenal of Club Ear Candy swoops, hits and breaks, all laser-guided to take your tracks to a higher plane.

Future Music - your guarantee of empowerment and amazement. Don´t dare make any music without it.

Available in all good newsagents - and quite a lot of bad ones - now! And if you´re having difficulty tracking down your copy head to

and click through the music links to our page.

Give it a day or two tho´ this issue is literally HOT off the press.