Future Music issue 212, April, on sale now!

It´s time for another issue of FM to hit the shelves and this month there´s no mistaking our bright orange NI Maschine front cover.
We´ve been awaiting the arrival of Native Instrument´s Maschine since we unveiled it a couple of months ago. While it may require a rethink to the way you put your tracks together, we think anyone will find it an exciting and instant way to make music. Check out our massive review in the mag and audio of it in action on our DVD.

And still with the gear, it´s hard to choose between the awesome power of the new Virus TI2 or the remarkable playability and in-built soundset of the Nord Electro 3. Damn it, we´ll take both. Full reviews and audio are included of course.
Special mention to our Game On feature too. This shows you how to use your Wii controllers and Guitar Hero gear to make real music. Whether it´s getting creative with a Wii-based Theremin or taking to the stage armed with a Guitar Hero axe, we´ve all the info you need to make it happen. Don´t forget the demo video on the DVD too.

There´s just space to point you at our great Jazzanova In The Studio feature in the mag and DVD. As a one stop recording class, this really is second to none. And it´s always nice to catch up with the legends that are Coldcut. Another packed issue in shops from today. And if you´re having trouble locating an issue remember you can always pick up a copy at our online store www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk . Or better still why not buy a subscription and have it sent your door for free every month on launch day? Just click on the big cover image to go there. Cheers!

Here´s issue 212´s highlights.


Controller Chaos

How to use radical controllers in your recordings and performances. Play great music with a Wii controller or Guitar Hero guitar and more!


Native Instruments Maschine, Cubase 5, Nord Electro 3, Access Virus TI2, Jazz Mutant Lemur V2, AKG´s Perception mics, GarageBand 09 and the latest UAD plug-ins… Every hot new bit of gear!


Logic, Live and Cubase tutorials
Full lessons on all major software via our DVD plus our Knowledge Base studio features and readers´ questions answered by experts - every month!


Coldcut, Jazzanova, John Dahlback
What gear are they using? How do they get their sound? Find out via our famous In The Studio With features in the mag PLUS over an hour of exclusive video tutorial on DVD!