The Essential Guide to Cubase

Final week on sale in the UK! UK-based musicians have just one more week to get down the shops and pick up a copy of The Essential Guide to Cubase (CM Special Volume 21). It's the fast route to making better music with Cubase 4, so if you use '4 (or intend to) don't miss out.

Here's a quick rundown of what's inside...

• Step-by-step tutorials on MIDI, audio recording and mixing

• Pro techniques for Cubase 4

• Invigorate your sounds with the new effects and synths

• Getting to grips with HALion One

• Get organised with the new file management tools

• Speed tips to help you work smarter and faster

• How to correct a groove

• Using controllers and automation

On the cover CD, you´ll find a 300-strong collection of sounds for Cubase´s Prologue, Mystic and Spector synths. These exclusive patches push the new VST3 instruments to their limits, with everything from tearing trance leads to soaring sweeps and warm bass tones on offer.

Get it now from...

UK & EUROPE: selected branches of WH Smith, Borders and independent newsagents

NORTH AMERICA: selected Borders and Barnes & Noble outlets

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