Sample Magic launch music production and business courses

Providers of pro-audio loops Sample Magic will collaborate with audio engineering college Alchemea to give budding producers and potential business moguls alike the opportunity to pick their bulky brains in a series of weekend courses taking place in London between May and June this year.

The courses will cover a variety of topics and there is a range of titles to choose from, including 'Dance Track in a Weekend: First steps in Logic', 'The Secrets of House Music Production', 'The Business of Music' and 'Ableton for Dance Producers'. These are all entry-level courses, simultaneously targeted both at complete novices and more proficient producers, aiming to equip all participants with a more comprehensive understanding of their chosen subject, regardless of competency.

Teaching will be lead by Sample Music's knowledgeable team of tutors with the assistance of guests such as DJ and producer Sharooz (Moby, Mylo, Robyn, Kings of Leon) and the courses are priced between £320 and £340, with course materials such as literature and samples included in this payment. You can find out more by checking out or


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