New NitroTracker talks to your DAW

Tobias Weyand has just released the latest version (0.3) of NitroTracker, the superb FastTracker II style homebrew tracker for Nintendo DS, which, amongst other changes, sees the integration of his recently developed DSMIDIWiFi system.

As the name suggests, DSMIDIWiFi enables the DS to send MIDI data over a wireless network, to be received by a Mac or PC running the DSMIDIWiFi Server application and any music software capable of receiving MIDI input (ie, all DAWs and standalone software instruments). With this built in, not only can NitroTracker be used to process and sequence samples stored on your DS memory card (imported or recorded via the DS microphone), it can now also wirelessly send MIDI data from its stylus-operated onscreen keyboard to synths and samplers hosted by a MIDI-receiving DAW or running standalone on your wireless network. And NitroTracker is a taker as well as a giver - it also accepts MIDI input, so you can go the other way and trigger its samples from your computer.

NitroTracker 0.3 is free and an absolute must-try for DS-owning music producers. You can find out more and download it


. The DSMIDIWiFi Server application for Windows, OS X and Linux, meanwhile, awaits you