Listen to CM129's exclusive Micro Evolve CMplay soundpack

The forthcoming CM129 features the most impressive software and sample giveaways yet, including a new PC VST synth from Homegrown Sounds, Astralis Orgone CM, and a vast selection of workstation patches for CMplay, Computer Music´s exclusive ROMpler instrument for Mac and PC.

Incredibly, it gets better: on the disc you´ll also find an exclusive CMplay library from newcomers Heavyocity, creators of the superb Evolve ROMpler. Micro Evolve features some of the best sounds from Evolve, but is made up of around 70% totally fresh content, and it makes creating professional soundtrack-style compositions a breeze.

Check out this thunderous demo tune, composed by Heavyocity themselves using CMplay and the Micro Evolve soundpack as the only sound source - right-click here and choose "save as" to hear the epic piece for yourself.

Stay tuned to the CM blog for full details of this issue, which is on sale on August the 1st.