Goodbye GigaStudio

In a surprise move Tascam has ceased development of its GigaStudio range of sampler software, including GigaViolin, Giga Virtual Instrument, and GigaPulse convolution reverb. Sales and support for the software will end on December 31st 2008.

The first version of GigaStudio, the follow up to GigaSampler, was released way back in 2000 by NemeSys, who were acquired by Tascam in 2001. All GigaStudio related software no longer appears on the Software page of Tascam´s website, and are now located on the Legacy Products page.

Tascam has not yet released an official statement about the move, so the future for GigaStudio users remains unclear. For more news on this story check out CM contributor Peter Kirn´s Create Digital Music blog.