Cubase Phwoar!

The latest version of the long-running Cubase series is here, and it´s almost as radical an update as the leap from Cubase 5 to SX was. Not only does it feature a fist-load of fresh plug-ins, improved routing possibilities and the new Control Room monitoring section, but it´s also the first sequencer to support Steinberg´s new VST3 specification.

This new spec promises better performance, enhanced bus management, resizable edit windows, multiple dynamic in and outs, and improved parameter handling.

Steinberg say they plan to release the VST3 SDK later in the year. What exciting new plug-ins would you like to see from the new specification? Do you think the new spec will make a difference to the type of plug-ins that appear?

Check out the full review of Cubase 4 and the first instalment of CM´s exclusive two-part guide to its new feature in CM107, on sale 15/11/06. In the meantime, the official Steinberg's site has plenty of mouth-watering Cubase 4 info.