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• Free Image-Line CM WaveShaper plug-in!

Part of Image-Line's FL Studio DAW, WaveShaper is a powerful distortion unit that enables you to draw in your own waveshapes and imbue your sounds with anything from subtle warmth to devastating filth. CM WaveShaper is a brand new, fully functional and unrestricted VST plug-in version of the very same module for PC, exclusively for Computer Music readers. It's free with this issue and comes with a tutorial in the magazine to get you started on the road to sound destruction.

• 2876 royalty-free samples

Accompanying the CM Guide to House, we've commissioned an enormous library of 24-bit, royalty-free sounds with which to create your own deep, funky or soulful house anthems. Construction kits, loops and multisamples, drums, bass, lead lines, SFX, vocals and more - it's the definitive house music toolkit!


• The CM Guide to House

We show you how to build a complete house track from start to finish,

entirely in software. From composition and sound design to arrangement,

mixing and mastering, no stone is left unturned in our mission to build

the ultimate club anthem. And if that ain't enough for ya, we've even

got house legend Roger Sanchez helping out, exclusively revealing his

personal top production tips!

• The Ultimate Lead Sound

The penultimate instalment in our 'Ultimate' series, this month's

masterclass sees synth gurus Darren Tate and Martin Binfield cooking up

perfect lead lines in a series of walkthroughs and practical production


• Create mash-ups in Live

Take your computer-based DJing to new heights with our in-depth guide to

the performance, recording and editing of mash-up mixes in Ableton Live.

• Giant Steps

Step sequencers aren't just for retro-heads - everyone's music can

benefit from a little old-school pattern-based action every now and

then. In this feature tutorial, we look back over the history of step

sequencers and arpeggiators and show you how to put those lurking in

your software to good use.


• Sound Like... Basement Jaxx

• Generative music

• MIDI and audio in Samplitude V8 SE

• 25 mixing tips

• Synth Essentials: Waveshaping

• Off the Dial: Magical technology


USB Plugsound Pro, SSL Duende, M-Audio MidAir, Sonoma Wire Works

RiffWorks, Submersible Music Drumcore 2, Propellerhead Reason Pianos,

Novation ReMOTE SL Zero,and more


• Richard Devine interviewed

• Win Albino 3 and Blue synths!

• Nine pages of readers' questions answered

• The Burning Question: Which audio interface should you buy?

• Reader music reviewed

• And all your favourite regulars!

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