Computer Music February issue (CMU109) on sale now!


• EXCLUSIVE free synth plug-in: Dominator!

Coded to the CM team´s demanding specifications, Dominator takes inspiration from classic Roland and Moog synths and combines it with the best features of modern instruments. From lush pads to over-the-top leads and thick, dark bass, Dominator does it all, and it´s yours only with this month´s Computer Music!

• 2198 royalty-free samples

This month´s CM samples are headed up by our 1730-strong ‘Tough Love´ collection, produced by Cyclick, Groove Criminals, Andrew Duke. These 24-bit sounds are guaranteed to add a bit of disturbed romance to your music and include flutes, guitars, vocals, drums, electric piano, construction kits and more.

As well as that lot, RachMiel fans will be glad to hear that our resident sonic scientist is back with 284 brand new Specialist sounds, while this month´s CM Classics see us revisiting 184 vocal samples from issues past.

• EXCLUSIVE Shitmat tutorial video

We scored ourselves some time in the Brighton studio of breakcore´s favourite son, to find out how he gets his insane sound. The result is over an hour of exclusive video footage, covering everything from sourcing beats and building basslines, to how he uses MIDI controllers, cuts up loops and deploys a range of esoteric production tools.


• Take the mic - massive vocal production tutorial

Everything you need to know about recording, processing and mixing vocals! In this in-depth guide we look at the equipment you need and how best to use it at every stage of the production process, complete with audio examples on the DVD.

• Rockin´ in the free world

Prepare to be amazed as we show you how to get the tones of seven legendary guitarists using nothing but free plug-ins.

• Producer Masterclass - Shitmat

Accompanying the video on the DVD, this month´s Masterclass walks you through the tricks and techniques of the one and only Shitmat!

• Synths only!

It´s electronica all the way as we build a complete track using nothing but free synths…

• Madonna´s computer music revolution

Find out how Sean Spuelher and Matt Napier have been powering Her Madge´s monster live shows using a setup totally built around three Macs running Logic Pro.


• Sound Like… Blue Monday

• Making trance in the CM Studio

• How to use HighLife

• Synth Essentials: Sequencers

• Off the Dial: Pattern recognition


Native Instruments FM8 and Audio Kontrol 1, Digidesign Mbox Mini, Antares Auto-Tune 5, FabFilter Timeless, E-MU 0404 USB 2.0, EXP Digital GFlux, MAGIX Music Studio 12 Deluxer and more!


• Win Yamaha audio hardware!

• Nine pages of readers´ questions answered

• The Burning Question: Is Linux becoming a mainstream music OS?

• Reader music reviewed

• And all your favourite regulars!

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