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• Incredible u-he ZebraCM synth for PC and Mac - free and exclusive!

In what can only be described as the best free plug-in give-away in Computer Music´s history, we´re crazy proud to bring you the magnificent ZebraCM. Built exclusively for CM by soft synth genius Urs Heckmann, this virtual analogue is a scaled-down hybrid of Zebras 1 and 2, packing a lavish yet intuitive interface and a sound to die for. It´s compatible with both Mac and PC (in Audio Units and VST formats) and comes with a tutorial in the mag to get your started. In a word, unmissable!

• 2800 royalty-free samples

Saddle up with the

Wired West

collection: over 1500 24-bit Morricone-inspired sounds from Cyclick, Groove Criminals and Andrew Duke. Plus 1002 single-hit drum samples and 254 Beta Monkey music loops in this month´s

CM Classics


• EXCLUSIVE Danny Byrd tutorial video

Liquid funkster Danny Byrd has been creating his own brand of super-slick, top-flight drum ´n´ bass for Hospital Records since 2000. In this exclusive video, he shows us how his track

Under The Sea

was built from the ground up in Logic Pro, revealing plenty of universally applicable production tips and techniques along the way.


• This is the remix!

Remixing is an artistically rewarding and potentially lucrative area of music production that any computer musician can have acres of fun with. In this month´s cover feature, we show you how to take the fundamental, defining elements of a finished track and use them as the basis for something entirely different. And with all the MIDI, audio and project files referred to in the walkthroughs on the DVD, you can follow along with every step.

Extreme pads

Who says pad sounds have to be beautiful? Deploying a lethal arsenal of weaponised plug-ins and various progressive sound-hurtin´ principles, we take some perfectly pleasant pads and blast them into the harder side of the musical spectrum. Your trance strings will never be the same again!

• The CM Guide to Sonar 6

The latest version of Cakewalk´s power-packed DAW builds upon its predecessor´s already extensive feature set in every area. Discover how to get the most out of the best of the new bits with our essential guide.

• Build better beats in Reason

Propellerhead Reason makes the basic processes of beat creation child´s play, but are you really plumbing the deepest depths of its vast percussive ocean? This month, we lift the lid on an array of programming and routing techniques guaranteed to get your drums rollin´ like never before.


• Sound Like… My Chemical Romance

• Get to grips with Podium CM on the DVD

• Synth Essentials: The FM beatbox

• Off the Dial: Symmetry


Image-Line FL Studio 7, Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition 2007, KeyToSound Nexsyn, PreSonus FaderPort, Alien Connections ReValver Mk II, Yamaha GO46, Kenton Killamix Mini and more!


• Breaks don Meat Katie interviewed!

• Win Steinberg Cubase 4

• Nine pages of readers´ questions answered

• The Burning Question: Why should you bother using free software?

• Reader music reviewed

• And all your favourite regulars!

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