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Computer Music 181, September 2012 – STEREO WIDTH – On sale now!

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Cover feature
• Get super-wide mixes with our massive stereo expansion masterclass, including high-quality video for every tutorial!

SOFTWARE - TWO fantastic free plug-ins!
Geist Lite: Special version of FXpansion's awesome drum sampler plug-in for PC and Mac!

Turbulence CM: Exclusive version of Sinevibes' wicked sequencing waveshaper AU plug-in for Mac!

Sounds of the Universe: 1809 cosmic FX, synths + more!

Wideboys Producer Masterclass - In-studio video with the chart-busting duo
20+ tutorial videos: Expert video walkthroughs to accompany our tutorial articles!

CM Focus - Sylenth1: Sound design power guide for this top synth
Dark Ambience: Make an after-hours ambient anthem with our start-to-finish track-building guide
Instant Replay: Alleviate sample copyright headaches by recreating the material yourself
MIDI by Numbers: Harness the MIDI-bending power of your DAW's logical editor
Recreation Therapy: Recreate the classic organ sound from Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Sascha Dikiciyan: The man behind the music of multiple world-beating videogames talks about how he provides the soundtrack to games such as Mass Effect 3
Ace Ventura: What are the psytrance scientist's five fave bits of software?
Hal Ritson: The boss of Replay Heaven speaks to CM as part of our Instant Replay feature
AudioRealism: Exclusive behind-the-scenes chat with Mike Janney of the famous X0X-box-emulating company

REVIEWS: Propellerhead Reason 6.5 + Rack Extensions // Sugar Bytes Cyclop // MOTU MachFive 3 // Zynaptiq Unveil // Subsonic Labs Wolfram // Universal Audio 1176 Limiter Classic Collection // Eventide Blackhole // + 15 more reviews


*Software, samples and video currently available only with the physical print edition. Downloads for digital editions are in development

cm181 is on sale now in the UK. Overseas dates are roughly: USA + 4 weeks after UK / Australia +8 weeks / Europe +2 weeks / South Africa +6 weeks / Canada +4 weeks. Alternatively, order online at

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