Computer Music 130 – Orchestral Manoeuvres cover feature / FreqAnalyst CM on the disc

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• FreqAnalyst CM

Our latest piece of exclusive free software comes from

Blue Cat Audio

and is a super-slick frequency analyser for Windows PC in VST/DX formats. It offers average, instant and peak modes, curve comparison functionality, and lots more. If you're serious about perfecting your tracks, FreqAnalyst CM will give you invaluable insight into what's really going on in your mixes.

• 2012 Symphonic samples

All our samples now come as ready-mapped CMplay patches and 24-bit WAVs. To accompany our Orchestral Manoeuvres cover piece, we commissioned The Electronic Garden to record an exclusive set of real instrument samples - strings, brass, woodwind and percussion are all here.

You'll also find a pack of dance MIDI files from Dance Midi Samples on the disc, and Heavyocity's Micro Evolve pack for CMplay.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: The Body Snatchers

30Hz and Baobinga invite the CM camera crew into their bling-reinforced bunker to divulge how they make such hot hip-hop jams using Logic Studio, Waves plug-ins, and more.


• Orchestral Manoeuvres

Bring the expressivity, dyamism and emotional power of the classical orchestra to your tracks with our bombastic feature. We show you how to: work with samples of orchestral music how to make ensemble arrangements; find the best orchestral samples; make ensemble arrangements; create synthetic orchestral sounds; choose the right 'size' of ensemble; use choirs; create the illusion of a real musical performance; and much more!

• Latin for beginners

We explain the fundamentals of Latin percussion and show you how they can be used to add flavour to music of any genre. Build a Latin percussion kit, program rhythms, apply Latin to techno and breakbeat styles, and more!

• Sasha

Legendary DJ/remixer/producer Sasha opens up to CM, revealing how he brings old and new music technology together to create his recognisable sound. We grill him on his techniques, software, and, of course, his custom-built Maven DJ controller.

• Music in your hand

Laptop not portable enough for you? We reveal the music-making strengths and weaknesses of the Apple iPhone, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, not to mention their 'hackability' and must-have apps.

• Reviewed!


Superior Drummer 2.0

• Bias

Peak Pro 6

• Magix

Music Maker 14

• Digidesign


• PreSonus

FireStudio Project

• monome

one twenty eight

• Euphonix

MC Control

• Mu Technologies

Mu Voice

• …and more


• $1596 of Heavyocity Evolve software up for grabs!

• Sending signals: Make the most of your DAW's sends and returns

• Guitar Lab: Attaining terrific tones using your DAW's built-in plug-ins

• Synth Essentials: Exploring additive synthesis with Scot Solida

• Off The Dial: rachMiel goes off on one about musical canon

• The Easy Guide: How to maximise the musical potential of your basslines

• The Burning Question: Is the iPhone viable for music-making?

• And much more!

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