Computer Music 121 - energyXT2 Core on the DVD, 300 Power Tips and more!

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• energyXT2 Core

Whether you're a PC, Mac or Linux user, you'll be able to enjoy this special version of XT Software's superb cross-platform DAW, featuring MIDI sequencing, modular routing, a mixer, VST instrument and effect hosting, and a whole lot more.

• 2007 royalty-free samples in the CM Filthy Hippy Collection!

This exclusive giant sample library takes its inspiration from four decades of hippy culture, and is guaranteed to give your tracks a suitably spaced-out vibe. Enjoy wah-wah guitars, trippy Mellotron and organ riffs, and a whole pile of other psychedelic goodies.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Tayo

Breakbeat doyen Tayo's studio might be underground, but his profile is anything but. His tracks have popped up on labels such as Skint, Passenger and Mantra, and he's even DJed for Kiss 100 and Radio One. We descend into his subterranean, bunker-like studio, camera in hand, to capture him at work.


• 300 Power Tips

Professional producers employ countless tricks and techniques to achieve results that set them apart from the pack. However, rather than spending years as a production apprentice, you can simply avail yourself of over 16 pages of advice, comprising 300 nuggets of knowledge for recording, programming, mixing, arranging, performing, and more!

• Live 7 reviewed

The all-new Ableton Suite lands on our test bench, containing not just Live 7 itself, but new add-ons, including the Tension, Electric and Analog instruments. Read our review to find out whether this is the best Live update yet or if it's fallen behind in the great DAW race.

• Tom Middleton

He's shaped entire genres, infiltrated many others, and in his formative years he arguably learnt from the best, with Richard 'Aphex Twin' James as his mentor. But despite being a former hardware junkie, these days, his studio is entirely soft, making him a perfect candidate for a CM interview.

• Inside compression

We show you how to use the CM Studio's SynthMaker CM to create your own VST compressor plug-in from scratch, explaining precisely how each component works, and in the process demystifying this staple production tool.

• Reviewed!


Ableton Suite

• AudioRealism



MachFive 2

• Image-Line


• M-Audio


• MusicLab


• eJay

Techno 5

• PreSonus

FireStudio + MSR

• …and more


• Win Native Instruments Komplete 5, worth £1070GBP

• Guitar Lab: Record a complete track in an hour

• Synth Essentials: Learn how to create beats using only synths

• Off The Dial: Exercise your musical muscles!

• The Easy Guide: Chord inversions, part 4

• Give It Away Now!: The winner of the KVR Developer Challenge speaks

• The Burning Question: Which sample rate should I use?

• And much more!

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